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Tanzen mit Requisiten
Tribal Fusion
Gast: Natasha Korotkina
Raksan Bühnenprojekt 2023
Franklin Methode

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Oum Kalthoum Bühnenprojekt von Raksan

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Anfangs 2023

Workshop 1: Dep study "Incredible Bellywork Technique"

12.30 bis 14.30 Uhr

This Workshop about Deep  BELLY WORK STUDY TECHNIQUE, based on Natasha's own experience.
In this exclusive workshop we will learn incredible BellyWork Movements - the signature moves of Natasha Korotkina.

How to make your stomach work ?
You just need to know certain techniques and learn how to properly include the muscles we need in our Belly Work.
You will have a unique opportunity to feel everything on your own body and your own experience during this Workshop.

We will learn how to Combine Belly movements among themselves in a different pace and rhythm and we will learn a special BellyWork combination with a Lot of “Belly Work” inside.

At this WORKSHOP we will PRACTICE on :

  • Special stretching and massage for your abdominal muscles
  • Work on a breathing specially for Bbellywork
  • Belly Blows: pulling in and pushing out, full practice
  • Belly Wave: full technique and practice, belly roll from up to down and down to up
  • Belly Vacuum: strong workout with special practice
  • Belly Flutter: full practice in different amplitudes and speed
  • Nauli: full study practice, Nauli base and preparatory movements: we will feel the transverse muscle. Working on pushing the rectus abdominis muscles and after making the Nauli completely.
  • Belly Movements Full Combo: Combinations of belly work movements among themselves. Training at a different pace and rhythm .

We work in a different amplitudes
(from small equipment to big & deep blows) and at different speeds slowly and quickly. It turns out absolute for everyone! Enjoy the process and have great benefits for your health, body and shape!

We will learn how to use this
“BellyWork”Movements in your choreography on stage
So we will learn how to Combine Belly movements among themselves in a different pace and rhythm .
we will create “combo choreography peace” with a Lot of “Belly Work” inside

-Belly Movements Full Combo
Combinations of Belly Work movements among themselves.  
Training at a different pace and rhythm .


Workshop 2: Creative Fusion Bellydance Technique

14.50 bis 16.50 Uhr

In this Workshop we will analyze the detailed Body Control Technique and innovative practices for Full Body Control, for your deep feeling of the creative “Fusion-Bellydance” technique from Natasha Korotkina.  There will be an analysis of the technique and combinations.

We will practice on on the development of body plastic & technique for creative Fusion Bellydance - which includes Fashion Dance Trends such as Afro, Experimental, Animation, Popping, Waving, Flexing and other Base elements and techniques that will give you the opportunity to take a fresh feeling for Bellydance & Fusion and feel the limitless possibilities of your body .

We will work on:

  • Fusion Bellydance technique and combinations
  • Elements from body control & isolation base
  • Combination of Fusion-Bellydance with small technique & locks
  • Work on Hips
  • Shimmies Practice
  • Chest work and rib cage practice
  • Slides technique
  • Super Arms Work & Waving Technique includes the Base
  • Smooth movements Practice
  • Different Body Waves  practice
  • Special Stretching for Bellydance: Head, Arms, Hips, Sides, Chest, Belly, Spine.

Let's enjoy together. You will feel completely different about your body and your abilities about the body plastic for Bellydance, Tribal-Fusion and Body Control techniques .


Workshop 3: Original Fusion-Bellydance Choreography by Natasha Korotkina

17.10 bis 19.10 Uhr

Analysis of Natasha's Fusion-Bellydance Technique on the example of Original Choreography by Natasha Korotkina .

This Original Choreography include different parts in one piece.
Huge Smoof Fusion Bellydance part with the Small technique & locks, slides and a lot of body control techniques inside.
Various types of body waves and arms work as well as using experimental base and additional techniques from other styles.
A part of the choreography has Afro motifs and a drum solo.

You will feel every part of your body. Die nächsten Daten sind noch nicht festgelegt.